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Mont St. Michel
Site of one of the many pilgrimages in France for the catholic religion


The abbey of Mont Saint Michel, otherwise known as the Marvel, is famous worldwide.There are many things to see and to do; the main street with its shops, the museums, the walk around the ramparts with views out over the sands of the bay, as well as the spectacle of the sea rushing in to surround the Mont at each high tide. Other attractions include the Archeoscope (mulimedia show), the Tiphaine lodge and night visits to the abbey.
Famous monuments website

La Foret de Villecartier

In a 1 000 hectare forest of oaks and beeches, you can make a pilgrimage to the column of the Chouans, join the ancient military border or follow the hiking routes, or admire the romantic banks of the lake. A miniature port has been fitted out there where young and old can navigate in mockup boats, which are copies of ferries, boats with paddle wheels or tug boats. A course of 3 km opened in July 2005 in the trees.
La Foret de Villecartier
Miniature port, boat rides, walking, fishing and even an assault course. A great day out

The church in the basilica square The vision of the Virgin Mary
Visit the site of the apparition of the Virgin Mary

Oldest hawthorn tree in France Oldest hawthorn tree in France
The oldest recorded hawthorn tree in France

Pontmain and St-Mars-sur-la-Futaie

"At Pontmain, France on a cold winter morning, January 17, 1871, the Virgin Mary appeared to four children above a barn of the farm of the Barbadette family. Eugene, age 12, and his brother Joseph, age 10, were the first to see her in the sky. They described a beautiful lady in a dark blue dress covered with stars. She wore a black veil with a golden crown on her head. Two little girls, Francoise Richer, age 11, and Jeanne Marie LeBosse, age 9, also saw her in the sky." (Source
20km from Ernee, this small town is now one of the most visited religious sites in France alongside such places as Mont-St-Michel and Lourdes. There are several places to eat in the village and there is a small gift shop at the Sanctuary. A few kilometres from the village at St-Mars-sur-la-Futaie you can see the oldest tree in France ( a 1500 year old hawthorn).

Dolmen de la Contrie
(La Contrie du Rocher)

An Allée Couverte (gallery tomb) a couple of kilometres north of Ernée in an enchanting bluebell filled wood.  The main chamber consists of 3 very large capstones resting on 6 pairs of uprights.  The remains are about 6 metres in length, but there are some remains which take the length of the structure to about 10 metres.  It is quite low, perhaps not much more than a metre at the current time, and about 1.5 metres in width. Some of the stones are very crude and massive blocks, rather than nicely shaped slabs. There are many other large stones scattered around in this lovely little place.

Dolmen de la Contrie
One of many ancient tombs to be found in the French countryside

The historic town of Domfront

Domfront (see photo gallery)

If you are interested in history and culture, the medieval town of Domfront, which dates back to the 11th century, is well worth a visit. Situated between Suisse-Normande and the Parc Régional de Normandie-Maine, Domfront is more than 200ft above sea level. A panoramic view of the Passais countryside, noted for its pears and locally made drink Poir, can be seen from the old walls. The old part of the town has several restored 16th century stone houses, striped timber-framed façades, and narrow cobbled streets, leading to the imposing church at its centre, while the newer town is full of activity with the usual shops, bars and restaurants.

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